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Renting is always a good choice if you do not belong to an organization that requires you to go to a great deal of formal affairs, or simply cannot afford to buy a tuxedo for your formal affair. Tuxedos are good for formal affairs and great for weddings.

Trips for renting a tuxedo:

Pieces to Your Tuxedo


A classic tuxedo jacket features satin lapels and a boutonniere hole. Jackets can be single or double breasted, and lapel styles can range from peak to notch to shawl collars. Tailcoats are also available.


Formal trousers feature a black satin stripe or braid along the outside seams and do not have cuffs. Tuxedo pants are worn with suspenders instead of belts, and therefore have no belt loops. 


The classic tuxedo shirt has a pleated front, a wing tip collar, and is worn with a bowtie and cummerbund. Shirts do also come in flat-front styles with the option of a wing tip, laydown, or mandarin collar.


Formal shoes are made from shiny patent leather; they should also be simple (plain or capped toe) and freshly polished. Choose between opera slippers (the most formal option), oxfords or loafers.


Your accessories should always match your date. A traditional tuxedo is worn with a black bowtie and cummerbund. You can also opt for a four-in-hand tie and vest, both of which are available in a range of colors.


"You're dressed in a tuxedo, you wear a bow tie. A bow tie with a tuxedo is more formal than a straight tie with a tuxedo."
Bill Nye