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We have been unable to find a location that is a good fit for sewing classes. If you know of a business that will rent their conference room to us, please email us. Once a location is secured, sewing classes will be all year round.

Sewing Classes

At Sophisticated Tailoring, we love sewing, designing and sharing our skills so sewing classes will be coming soon …..

Type of  Classes

2-Day Beginner Corset Class

This is the sexy class. We will create a Victorian style over the bust corset in two day. This is a very fast paced class. Even if you do not finish in the allotted class time, you will have the knowledge to complete your corset at home.

What You’ll Learn:

Day Master Corset Class

Pre-requisite: 2-Day Beginner Corset Class

This class focuses on learning  various techniques for construction and finishing. Instead of making one corset, you will work on several samples. Each sample will teach you a new technique.

Beginning Classes

Working with Natural Fabrics – Learn why at Sophisticated Tailoring we only use natural fabrics for custom garments and the best kept secret where to get your fabric from.

You will learn:

Level 1 Sewing - Kimono-Style Robe

Level 1 Sewing - Kimono-Style Robe

This fun class is designed to orientate you with the sewing machine and provide you with skills for sewing things together.

Level 2 Sewing—The Skirt

This fun class is designed to build on your skills.

Intermediate Classes

Zipper Techniques Class

I hate zippers!! If you can answer yes to this question then this class is for you.  You will lean 3 zippers: slot seam, invisible and lapped zippers to a variety of garments.

What You'll Learn:

Master Techniques Class

After you complete the zipper class you will want to continue leaning more techniques. This is a great class for building your skills. Learning these skills will give your garment a more professional look.

What You'll Learn:

Hand Techniques Class

This is the best class you will ever take. Good hand techniques are essential for couture sewing. You will use the right tools, thread and thimble for the job.

Hand Stitch Types

Pockets Techniques Class

Are your garment lacking pockets – Why? Don’t be afraid to add a pocket. This is the class for you. In our Basic Pocket Workshop, learn how to pattern draft and sew in pockets. All kinds of pockets!!! This is a fun and productive class.

What You’ll Learn:

Workshop Classes

Chanel Suit

Learn couture sewing at Sophisticated Tailoring. We will teach how to make a Chanel Suit.

What You’ll learn:


Party dress or work dress! Learn the skills you need to sew a professionally finished dress. You will fit, cut, and sew your own dresses.

What You’ll Learn:

Pant Contraction

Finally a pair of pants that fit... The basic techniques of making your own pants: Fly front zippers, installing a waistband, western pockets and welt pockets are all covered. Students will use a commercial pattern or draft their own pattern from one of our blocks.

What you’ll learn:

Tailored Jacket

If you have taken all of our techniques classes you are ready for this 10 week long class.  This advanced skill-building class tackles all the techniques you have been working on. New skills: notched collar, bag a lining, clean finish vents, insert two piece sleeves with a shoulder pad and more. This class is 10 weeks long and each class is 3 hours in duration.

Class Outline:

Tailored Skirt

Every woman needs a professional pencil skirt. Students will learn how to start and finish one skirt project.  You will also learn how to measure body correctly. All payments are final after the first week of registration.

What You’ll Learn:


All payments are final after the first week of registration.

Work Shop class dates, time and location will be announced.

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"A good use for me is to let me go away with my sewing machine and come back with some really new stuff."
Betsey Johnson